1. On the ship (Tutorial) after connecting the ship nerve tentacles: If my character does it then it skips the cut scene of me falling out of the ship and the people observing below. This causes me to start the game and there is nothing to interact with on the ground. No mobs, no containers, no Shadowheart. There is one and only 1 fisherman to loot, after than it's just pools of blood with no bodies.
If LAE'ZEL connects the tentacles, then all is well.

2. Nette: Way to many skill rolls for the success. I passed 3 of them at DC10, luck. Passing 4 of them is pretty much the same as one DC20 roll.

3. Goblin prisoner which tiefling threatens to shoot them. I stand in way to say no, then fail DC. I expected to get shot and her to say oh crap, sorry. Instead I get combat to fight to death. I never wanted anyone killed and even if I knock them out they are still hostile. I mean if she really wants to kill the goblin that bad have her shoot it and ask me if I want to do something about it after the fact.

4. Druid fight: I am talking to druid leader after a child dies. Next thing I know she runs off and we are in a fight. What happened? End of fight and grove went on revolt? What happened? My friend says he was accused of hostility and has conversation. Apparently failed and druids all attacked. What hostility?

5. Save game. Several times in the game the option to save is not even present. I am not in a conversation. I get that maybe cannot save except 15 minutes or 30 minutes since last one, but I had been playing for about 1 hour and NEVER saved. I was not allowed to save, had no auto saves all night and I needed to sign off.

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