Hi guys,

I play for 50 hours (roughly), and I have no new bugs to report (I saw problems with lips sync, tentacles, wings, some cinematics are broken, but it's already fixed if I'm correct).
My ideas in order to improve the game :


- If possible, I want some gnome (and their subraces, including Deep Gnomes), dragonborn, duergars (Laduguer <3), variant human and aasimar. Maybe I'm too greedy, but, hey, I have to try ! I don't know if it's already planned to add them (gnomes are immune to ceremorphosis, so maybe it's not possible...).
- Background should be chosen at the end of the creation process, with the name of your character.
- Background should have an impact in the game. A noble, a sailor, an urchin or an ermit have unique life experiences, and may react differently at some occasions.
- The possibility to chose a patron deity even if you are not a cleric?
- More gods, if possible. At least Gond and Umberlee (they have big temples in Baldur's Gate), and Cyric (the archnemesis of Bhaal and Baine). I suppose you will add them when you will add new cleric domains?
- maybe some scars? More beards? More mustaches?
- maybe the possibility to chose your "attitude" : a timid dwarf, a wild halfling, that kind of stuff.
- maybe, in the future, the possibility to being proficient with tools or games. I don't know, it could be useful for craft or roleplay? That's not urgent or vital, that's just an idea. Gwent was a cool addition to The Witcher 3 (or The Witcher 3 a cool addition to Gwent? I'm not sure).


- You have to distingish Jump and Disengage (it's not the same thing, right?)
- Hide, Disengage and stuff like that must be a bonus action only for rogues (like "Dash")
- Scrolls = skills check (Arcana or Religion) if you are not from the "right" spellcaster class
- More feats, more maneuvers, more pacts, more magic schools, more classes, I want more ! MOOOORE !
Yeah, I know, it's planned. But, man, I can't wait. I want my archfey warlock with its pact of the blade (or pact of the tome?...mmm) !
- Uncanny dodge for Rogues, that's good shit. Or do you fear they become too much powerful that way?


- Party size : 5, I think, is quite good. In your team, you will need a rogue, a healer, a spellcaster and a tank. In a party of 4, If you must chose between a warlock and a wizard, or a warlock and a warrior, you will chose the "pure" class, you have no room for improvisation or "extra" role. With 5, you can chose an extra companion because he's cool or interesting, and try to create synergies.
- Automatic Jump. When a character jump, and your companions can follow, well, let them follow automatically. Select each one of the character manually in order to Jump is a little bit tedious.
- More automatic saves. This game is hard, be kind with us, please.
- A voiced main character. Currently, the main character reminds me Bernardo, the Zorro's sidekick.
- I want to move pass people. At least, dying people. It's frustrating as hell to have one of my teammates dead or dying on the floor in the middle of a door, and be stuck like a moron in the other room because my characters don't know how to step over their dead friends (Lae'zel or Astarion are maybe too soft for such a rude behaviour?).
- XP when we avoid (cleverly) a fight?
- Fog of war. Currently, an ambush cannot surprise the player : I see where my foes await my party.
- Height ; I don't know, it's not balanced when your foes are above you (or you above them). I don't have an idea to fix it, sadly.
- Perception and traps : maybe I'm dumb, but my characters "see" traps only a second before walking right into them. That's sad. For them, at least.
- Flanking : it's a good option, it would be cool to have the possibility to "activate" such a tactical option in the game, right?
- Less AoE for enemies. An example : phase spiders have done horrible things to my party, I don't want to describe it.
I understand why there is so much alchemical bomb, grenads and stuff (warriors are dull and boring without those kind of options, I guess), but there is a balance problem with some enemies because of the large number of AoE attacks.
- An Ironman Mode would be Über Kool.

User Interface

- I think there is a lot of room for improvement here. Management inventory and "bar management" are a little bit tedious, right now.
- That's just me, but I have to try : maybe you can rework the UI in order to give us a "darker" vibe?

I had some minor problems with quests (SPOILERS) :

- I cannot finish the quest with the paladins and the tiefling fugitive. I helped the tiefling fugitive to "eliminate" her problems, but when I try to tell her it's done, well...nothing happens.
- Same thing with the githianky knight : Lae'zel is angry, I don't know why, and tell me to watch the bodies for clues. And...nothing. I have three or four bodies (flaming fist guys), and no clues.