After finishing early access (great game even in the current state, I enjoyed my play through, gg larian) I noticed 5 points to absolutely change (imo) :
- remove most of the scrolls, throwing objects, potions of all kinds, with simple ammunitions (arrows, crossbow bolts, small stones, some poisoned ammunition) and make the scrolls and bombs rare.
- prevent magicians from learning spells from other classes (especially clerics)
- jumping and disengagement cost 1 action (NOT bonus action, except for rogue) and are 2 separate actions, jumping action leading to an opportunity attack. The jump has a maximum range. Moreover, camouflage should not make the character leave the fight (a lot of abuse), and the enemies move to the last known location (stalking).
- Choice of the character during a conversation, or at least the possibility to use skills of any character taking part in the discussion.
- The "simple" bestiary must not have scrolls, potion, elementary arrows, bombs etc (unless there is a logical explanation) and consequently increase the threat (more hp, more numerous, better weapons for the most dangerous etc.)

No difficult changes in my opinion to make the game almost perfect ^^