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I just love these arguments-4 person party was good enough in DOS, why change? Well maybe ask Larian to make another DOS game and leave Baldurs Gate to us ?

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Just reading through the suggestions pages for DOS 1 & 2. Interestingly, I'm struggling to find any requests there at all for increasing the party size. Almost as if it's not critical to the game's enjoyment level in this engine.

My 2 cents : it's not the same game, and not the same system.
In DOS and DOS2, classes are "fluid" : you can chose your skills the way you want.

Here, you have monolithic role for your companions, and monolithic needs (a frontliner, a rogue for traps and locks, a healer and a spellcaster, at the very least).
It's the reason why I feel, and I'm not alone, that a party of 4 is a little bit too restrictive here. With a party of 5, you have extra room in order to improvise and test some synergies.
A class like warlock (not really a frontliner, or a rogue, or a healer, and a limited spellcaster) can easily be included in a party of 5 ; it's harder to include a warlock in a party of 4.

Maybe this need will disappear with the possibility to multiclass?