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I doubt that. I'm pretty sure some good arguments were already posted and similar to Reddit, those arguments were downvoted to oblivion smile .

Reddit is reddit, but maybe they weren't so good to begin with.

Personally, ,if 4 provides deep companion relationship, be it cutscenes with companions breaking in, rich dialogue options, etc. but 6 would not, then the choice is simple for me - 4.

You are basically saying "If 4 was done well and 6 was garbage I would prefer 4".
Well, no shit.

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Just reading through the suggestions pages for DOS 1 & 2. Interestingly, I'm struggling to find any requests there at all for increasing the party size. Almost as if it's not critical to the game's enjoyment level in this engine.

It's almost like they were entirely different games based on different rules and skill systems.
I wasn't a fan of 4 in DOS 1 and 2 either, but they are VERY different mechanically.

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And why 6 would not? running business revolves around money but everyone seems to forget about that, maybe you are just too young laugh
but again, 4 is just perfect for deep companion relationship

I'm 42, I've been into this genre since I was 12 or so starting with series like the old Ultima games and I'm also starting to get the impression you are running your mouth for the sake of it at this point.
"Money" is not an argument for anything here. You are just trying to sound smug without any real understanding of what you are talking about.

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Party control in Baldur's Gate 3 is a complete mess that begs to be addressed. SAY NO TO THE TOILET CHAIN