I see threads like this and I think to myself...

Did people want Mass Effect 2 not not be called mass effect because of the overhaul that was the gameplay?

"Mass Effect was about being able to cast all my abilities and they all have separate cooldowns and I have unlimited ammo!"

Well they changed that didn't they?

BG 3 is going really well so far and I'm having lots of fun (except for those Dice rolls of 3 when the goal was 5, 4, 14 in convos.

I'm also playing BG-1, while I appreciate the RP aspect I also think it is very punishing, even more punishing than BG 3 right now. I wanted to explore a lot in Chapter 1. I lost my companions. I didn't actually know they'd leave. So now I gotta travel to Nashkel without the 4 companions I recruited. Randomly run into 4 kobold archers without those companions. *Die* try going around, ran into Hobgoblins with archers and fighters. *Die from crits* Go around the entire area into a different map. Run into crazy necromancer. *Die*

I don't get why people are so against the feeling of BG 3 when it does almost the exact same thing as the beginning of BG 1. Recruit some companions that have different motivations, do anything they don't like and they complain about it/leave. Playing the way I want to play and how I want to Rp is not very rewarding in BG-1 so far. I don't know. Maybe I'm playing wrong?

Anyone have tips for BG-1?

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