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Things I have seen that I think are issues (I don't know if it's an issue or if it's my misunderstanding or ignorance of how things are supposed to work): I'll try to come back and edit with links from a recent stream where all this occurred Long Stream
  • NPCs can see through the Fog area and target my characters on the other side of the fog, yet I cannot target any NPC on the other side of the Fog myself
  • NPC's are able to attack through walls and doors
  • I never seem to have a chance to use an Attack of Opportunity when an NPC in front of me goes to move away
  • If a Hotbar isn't locked, sometimes just left clicking on an item in it simply removes it from the hotbar
  • if you accidently remove an item from a 5th character's hotbar (the Druid Halsin in this instance), there appears to be no way to access his spells to add it BACK to the hotbar Example

And for the love of all that matters, Please let me turn off the Camera moving to a NPC taking an action! I want to keep it on my characters!

Regarding the Hotbar issue for the 5th Character. I finally figured out if you open up a Character Spell Window, Dock it solo, then click on the 5th character in the party box, you can then open that Spell window and add it back to the hotbar.

What I haven't figured out is how to give that character an item from another character though!