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I don't go through half of these posts, but I assume the devs keep track. Here goes (everything from before yesterday's patch unless otherwise stated)

*General stuff*
- Going to camp/long rest sometimes bring you back to random places. I tend to end up in swamp, close to the fast travel. One time when I ported back the Redcaps entered battle for no reason (no triggering it through dialogue, not insulting Ethel.
- AoE effects such as acid, poison, fire sometimes last for two rounds sometimes for half an eternity. I've had a fire on a stone floor last for an awkwardly long time, so something is most likely not right.
- Companions show up in (background) cut-scenes despite being miles away.
- Several quests go from finished to not finished and back again. Other just refuse to update properly. No specifics except the Anders partial objective (kill Anders for Karalach).
- If two or more of your controllable characters take turns together and you finish the turn (press space) of the last one in the order you also finish the other characters' turn. If you have three characters and you finish the second ones turn it works as intended, same goes if you finish the first one's turn.
- On turning level 4 I can select a proficiency that I'm already proficient in. I'm pretty sure there is no tier to speak of so it makes little sense to be able to waste your level 4 bonus.
- There's a typo in the description of the "Idol of Selune".
- Lae'zel is bugging out at camp. Can't be interacted with. For me it happened after saving big time druid/had a party at camp. Restaring game, reloading, revisiting camp doesn't work. Reloading previous save does. I had a friend who experienced the same bug, but am not sure of circumstances other than it was also late game.

- When interacting with the dead Chosen (Owlbear "victim") and his two side-kicks, and have Lae'zel in your party, she's doing some grammatical errors or use some extra words (that shouldn't be in the subtitles) in the dialogue that follows.
- If you choose to bring Asterion to the Monster Hunter and decide to side with Asterion you can have some wonky dialogue afterwards. Asterion disapproved when I told the Monster hunter about him, and he even performed the killing blow on the Monster hunter when I decided to fight. Afterwards we talked it out and he was very surprised that I had met a Monster hunter. I don't know. Maybe Asterion suffers from severe amnesia or maybe he's drinking way too much of that fancy wine he doesn't like, but it was a bit immersion breaking. He also tells me about Cazador like we didn't discuss it at camp the day before.

- Two wardrobes in Ethel's house seem to have a copy sharing their space. First two on the left hand side when entering, I think.
- After cut-scene in Hag's inner sanctum, she doesn't attack. She just stand there taking hits (pretty sure this has been reported before).

*Goblin Fortress*
- When speaking to torture victim (Spike's victim), after unlocking his cuffs, he casually stretches his hands up pretending to be back on the rack. My PC felt super awkward when he pulled that stunt. Please make him stop.

*Toll House*
- When activating hidden room the door keeps sliding up and down. You can still get through it as long as you activate it properly, but have to use jump to do so.

*Underdark - Myconid camp*
- After killing of the duergar at Underdark beach, with Glut in tow, I fast travelled to surface, fast travelled back straight to Myconid camp and everything was hostile. If loading a previous save they weren't. **big patch happened** I fast travelled to some other place in Underdark and finished tower, walked to Myconid camp, no issues.
- Also post-big patch. After killing duergar I spoke to big boss Glow(?), was escorted to the reward (which someone had unfortunately stolen prior to doing duergar-mission). Afterwards I spoke to Glut. If choosing to either 3) refuse taking part in his scheme or 4) to attack him, the entire camp turns hostile. If choosing to 2) kill Glow(?) everyone in the camp except for Glut will aggro. This doesn't make sense to me. No matter what, if you speak to Glut, you have to level the Myconid colony. What would make sense is if some of the animated stuff helped Glut - other Myconids can turn on Glut or remain neutral.

This is a pretty long post. I wonder if I'm overcompensating for something.

I've experienced almost all of them myself, good report!