Hey, I've created a list on things I think should be improved, I played DOS2 for like 600hrs and found some things that are annoying in this game too, so maybe developers can take a look at it. I apologize before hand if i make any mistake, english is not my main language.

Now, to the recommendations:

—Let weapons and other items stack stack, on my personal experience the inventory was a complete disaster, having 10 of each weapon, herbs, mugs and plates taking 1 inventory space each and going crazy trying to find something in particular.

—Also, some kind of indicator towards what items are usefull for crafting and what not would be a nice feature. I have serious problems and i pick up every thing i see, never knowing what to dump and what to sell or save.

—Character bodies turning into tents and flying around when killed. This is kinda obvious and hilarious but it's nice to include.

—Companions follow distance and path taking, specially when switching between them. I had some issues while switching between characters and one or two of them started running around like crazy, sometimes stepping on fire, vines or triggering some combat/event.

—Equipping from looting is not currently working, you just pick up the weapon/armor withouth equipping it if you are already using something that takes the same slot.

—I have experienced dice rolls where i needed to get a 13 to success and got a 14 and failed. Some other times i needed an 11, got a 10 and passed, idk what was wrong but maybe some weird interaction going between dice rolls, guidance, friends and thaumaturgy. Or simply some weird programmation

—While talking to an NPC you attacked you can switch characters and start attacking it until it's dead and he will not react. you could have 3 people starting conversation at the same time getting everyone to 1-3 hp with a 4th character and then killing one of them to start combat. So... yeah, DOS2 had this very similar problem where you would speak to the boss and kill his minions while he was stuck on conversation to cheese some of the most hard encounters.

—NPC dialog is character based, so if you failed a skill check that doesn't trigger a combat you can switch character and retry. This feels kinda weird, like... Didn't we have this conversation already?

—Magic users feel weak compared to non-magical, I was using a full magical party until i switched gale for lae'zel to be surprised by the crazy amount of hits she landed and the damage she dealt with a simple greatsword compared to what Gale did.

— Also it feels like every NPC is super boosted while doing salvations, I found it incredibly frustrating to cast 5 spells that required salvation and every time 4 of them got saved. This was specially unfun when casting lvl 2 spells.

—Shared trading prices between characters plz. It's annoying to switch 100 items between character just so the one with high charisma can sell at a higher price.

—Improve loading screens; and general loading. Sadly I don't use an SDD, but i have an entire HDD dedicated for games and still my game stutters a lot and takes way too long to load games. But curiously loads between maps work very nicely.