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With all these discussions, I am just happy to be part of the minority where I love both RTwP and TB games lol
Not gonna lie, it will be a welcome change to see Larian takes on RTwP games.

I'm totally fine with BG3 being RTwP AND TB. However, it needs to be TB combat as default and in multiplayer. Otherwise, you aren't making a D&D game so much as another Dragon Age clone. For multiplayer, I think RTwP can be a lot of fun, but if people can't agree between the two, it needs to be TB.

And I as a die-hard RTwP fan would be okay with this too. That's the thing for me. I love RTwP and strongly dislike TB. But I am also someone who very passionately believes that you should always try to bring as many people as possible inside the tent and not leave anyone out in the rain. So I would never want a society where only RTwP fans like me got to be happy and TB fans got screwed. Solutions that maximize happiness is what I always gravitate towards.