Bugs found in and around the Gnarled Teahouse

In the secret room behind the fireplace, the staircase and some of the walls and floors shift in and out of view, and I can't see half of my companions. When zoomed all the way in it stops glitching.

Auntie Ethel escaped down the stairs while in combat, it seemed the game tried to follow her, as the screen went black for a moment as if I had gone down it.
Afterwards all sound effects were muted and though I could move around I couldn't interact with anything. Her nameplate, health and "Moving..." stayed onscreen as if it was still her turn.
My summoned imp's idle animation also froze. After trying again, the aforementioned bug did not occur, but the imp animation freeze did

When in dialogue with Gandrel his animations don't flow. There is a cut in his animations between most of lines.
In this same instance I also noticed an issue where one of my companions hands gets in front of the camera. This happened with a halfling character

Invisible characters can be targeted and attacked but not damaged. Don't know what's intended, but I don't think it should show the silhouette of your character like when you hover your mouse over an attackable character

Upon picking up Magron's head no options appear when right clicking it in your inventory

The Gnarled Door is invisible during the dialogue with it

When in dialogue with Lorin my character's leg is weirdly contorted. I think what you can see in the video is actually the underside of his boot

When putting on a Whispering Mask, you already have the mask on in the cutscene that plays, and after you see your character putting it on, there are two of them on your face.