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I'm only opposed to it until the devs come out and say that it is something they will be able to manage along with all the other improvements they want to make. Until then it is a possibility, no matter how much you shout, scoff and name-call, that this could use up resources that could be better used elsewhere. For me and many others the extra party size isn't that big of a deal.

I couldn't help but laugh at this. Literally earlier in this post I said this:
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Anyone who complains about 'balancing issues' when an idea is presented is a selfish moron. It's like the argument "It would take too much time to impliment" from people with no coding experience and surmounts to "I'm happy with it so why should I accomodate your idea".

You quite literally can't make any legitimate criticism other than the 2 most useless, unhelpful and innane responses.

1. Balance.
Unless it affects you, it shouldn't bother you.
It's perfectly reasonable to say "My only concern would be balance of 4 player games. I wouldn't play with 6" or something like that.
It's not okay to say "I oppose this idea and unless I get written proof from the devs that it won't detract from other things I wont change" is negative, argumentitive and arrogant. Like, who the hell do you think you are you spoiled brat?

2. Resources. Be it cost, time, or anything else.
Again, perfectly reasonable to say "I wouldn't use it therefore I'd rather the time was spent elsewhere"
But ultimately resources are not something for you to decide. It's the devs. And it relates to what I said about balance. They may or may not decide to do something based on how much work they have to get done. The devs will decide whether it's worth it based on that workload. They will decide whether something gets done based on resources, not you.

I'm not trying to pick a fight but these two responses are so commenly used to dismis valid feature requests / addons that would make others happy without affecting your gameplay. There is no reason for you to be opposed to the suggestion unless it affects your gameplay. Literally none. So stop picking a fight and talking crap about something you've already given your opinion on.

Listen, I'm entitled to my opinion just as much as you are. And nowhere am I claiming to be responsible for making a decision for the devs. I literally said it is for them to decide. My *opinion* is based on the fact that this game engine has been developed around 4 characters since way before BG3 was even an idea, and going back to the drawing board at this stage when it has taken them years just to get to this point (bearing in mind they have already delayed EA release by 6 months at this point) and still have so much to do yet, may not be entirely the best idea, no matter how many people are pissing their pants about it on the forum.

So scream at me all you like, but like I said, I will hold this opinion until the people that can actually answer (Larian) do so.