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Really at the end of the day you're only limited by your creativity. I've run comps with no healer just fine (especially with food all over the place and short rests)

But what if you want your healer, your tank, your caster DPS, your range DPS and more ?

"Because it works" is not a satisfying and valid answer to all those players that want more characters in their party...

The game itself limit my creativity...

Just because you are given a smaller canvas does not mean you can not paint the same picture. Besides let's say they jump us up to 6 and rebalance the whole game around 6 characters the same argument could be made "I'm being limited by only having 6 characters" lol not to mention the fact that if you scout ahead you can plan things out and trade characters if you think someone isn't going to bring what you need to the table. You can bring and entirely different comp to every individual fight and none of your characters fall behind.