Another list from todays play.


- A boullete knocked me down in the underdark above the duergar slaughter. Shortly after I continued walking and then a fight triggered with a boullete that seemed frozen in frame as it was jumping out of the ground. It was my turn but I couldn’t target anything or end combat so I cycled turns and then the bullet continued jumping and murdered one of my players, this was the true start of the fight. This has happened twice so far.

- Novice Sluck in the Goblin Camp walks from her post to the table to drink with the other two Goblins, then appears off her stool for a few seconds before reappearing at the beginning of her walk.

- When Volo is performing in the Goblin Camp I gave him my rapt attention which eventually led to the goblin woman telling him to get back to his cage. I was still able to go through the rest of the dialogue options with him though and each just replayed him trying to start up in the same way and being told back to his cage.

- I burned Booyaugh Culk to death in the firewine. After the fight he was standing up, fully charred, and moving, but I was still able to loot his corpse

- I broke down the door near Roah Moonglow with Eldritch Blast and lied my way out of a problem twice, when the door was destroyed it never actually
disappeared But I was able to walk through. Then I walked through the door and opted to fight it out when they were mad the 3rd time. However once the fight started the game froze up and I couldn’t do anything. Except move Gale after a little bit, but he couldn’t perform any actions. The second time I did this fight I placed a smokepowder barrel in front of her two guards and blew it up. Once it was her turn she froze up for close to a minute, drank a potion, froze again, then skipped to me.

- Frequently I receive a lower hit chance because enemies are covered in shadows, even when they are standing next to a light source, sometimes that light source is me. I am having a hard time being able to tell when something is in the shadows and when it is not. When in underground or dark areas, I see nothing wrong with actually having the screen bee pitch black, and have the areas a grey color for darkvision. This would help show what is considered dark and what is not, it would also add to the gameplay in my opinion.

- Party Members continued to bring up Ethel as a viable option to heal the tadpole, even after she was killed.

- I fast traveled to my camp and chatted with some people, then fast traveled to the goblin camp but my party members did not follow. I had to fast travel each one separately.

- After clearing out the goblin Camp Halsin just appeared in the Grove, though I never saw him.

- After clearing out the Goblin Camp the Owlbear Cub disappeared, I told him he was welcome in my camp and he was willing to go once they were gone.

- Netties in world dialogue continued to say “what if Halsin is…. No don’t go there.” Even after he came back to the grove.

- Zevlor said asked if I was ready to depart for the camp, I said yes and then nothing happened. Halsin said he would meet me at the camp, but he never did. I tried both fast travel and long rest. The second nights rest brought Zevlor and Halsin.

- Frequently when I throw enemies off of tall places with the modified eldritch blast, they take 0 fall damage. I know it is tall enough to cause fall damage because they have tossed me off the same areas and I have died.

- When fighting the Druegar Gale was launched off the side of a catwalk, thus dieing. However his body (being launched out of the play area) came to rest at his place in camp. His necrotic damage then killed Astorian. Whom I cannot resurrect. In the same fight I launched two of the Druegar out of the play area, instantly killing them, but am now unable to loot their bodies. Im all for the out of bounds insta death since I use it far more than the enemy, but the bodies should come to rest inside the play area, maybe after the fight they spawn there?

- At the party in the camp Alfira doesn’t actually have anything in her hand. Zevlor either though they both have a drink cinematic going.

- When shadowheart is selected as my character she emits light, similar to when light is casted on her, but she doesn't glow. No other characters do this, and she does not do this if she is not selected.


- When hovering over something in the text narrative, it should tell you what it is or show you what it pertains to. ie. Hovering over Mobile Foe should tell you how it alters a character, and a successful perception should show you where the thing you perceived was.

- I would like to be able to cast light on an object and then chuck it, so that enemies can't be hidden in shadows.