+1 with regards to surfaces on cantrips - big nope
+1 with regards to jump/disengage as a bonus action being OP, should only be BA through cunning action
+1 that ranged weapons should have different ranges as per their DnD equivalents (spells have shortened ranges too frown )
+1 on several other good ideas mentioned here!

I'm looking forward to thrown handaxes/javelins/daggers/etc. (They don't work yet right? I can only use a hand-axe melee as far as I can tell)

Verticality is great! Include it in spells!
-AOE spells often don't target enemies as would be expected. The spells only target within a particular horizontal plane, whereas the spell effect should be 3D, e.g. shatter should be a 10-ft radius sphere that can be positioned vertically as well as horizontally. Same for web, which should fill an entire hallway (yet in-game it can easily be jumped over)

Character Movement in Combat
-Small point: In DnD, you can walk through an ally's space, as difficult terrain, but cannot end your turn there. This is a rule that smooths gameplay and prevents clunky issues of allies blocking each other's paths.

-I have only seen a single enemy dash, and that was one running away so probably scripted. Do enemies really not realize they can dash??? Or am I crazy...
+1 to the many points made about AI lol