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Guys, come on. The battles are already too long, and the balance is more or less normal. 6 characters in the party are:
1.) will make the passage of fewer characters more difficult;
2.) Will force developers to make enemies stronger
3.) a series of fights will be too easy or too hard
4.) Will slow down the battles even more
5.) you will have to constantly resurrect party members

4 characters in the party are fine with me, IMHO

1) no. Because the experience is shared equally among player, less companions = stronger companions. That how its worked in the original game.

2) They may have to do that. So what? its merely changing stats. Nothing gamebreaking here.

3) that's already the case . Actually, I don't know a single C-rpg that has perfect balance over all its fight.

4) No, its may actually make it faster. When you are fighting 26 gobelins, having a couple of more companions to quickly kill the trashmobs will reduce the number of turn the enemy take; To balance it out, you can make big enemy stronger. And anyways, when you have fight that are 4vs 26 , and you have to wait 3 minute every turn for the enemy to act, I don't think a couple of more companions are going to be much of a problem time wise.

5) Making the enemy 30% stronger isn't such a drastic change that they ll instagib character. Instead of doing 7 dmg, they ll do 10 . Instead of doing 20 , they ll do 26 . Instead of doing 2 dmg, they ll do 3 . This ll barely change the number of hit you can take.

But more character will benefit the game in many way :

A) more interractions between party member, In BG1 and 2 , Party member would often banter, quarrels, initiate friendly talk and whats not.

B) more battle combo options, synergic option.

C) allow for more exotic pick outside of cleric/rogue/fight/wizard usual core picks.

D) allow to discover more companion in a walkthrough. Personnally, I'm not a fond of redoing the whole game just to change one or two companion s(assuming you ll maybe keep one you like most).

E) may add replay values, as , as Iv said before, you have more synergy and battle option to work with.

F) allow for stronger single ennemy, which add to epicness and challenge.

H) Feels more like Baldurs gate. BG always was six character.

I) Give a better sense of scale for the fight.

6 Characters in a party would be fine, IMHO.

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