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the issue with providing both, is it requires the game behaving very differently for each potentially, which is a potentially huge amount of extra work being asked for.

I do agree that it's a nice goal, but with a D&D game, focusing on getting the rules right comes first for me (and seemingly a fair few others), if they can show they could get the rules right for both RTwP and Turn Based, I'd be down for it, but if they have to compromise the rules to fascilitate RTwP, Turn Based should be the only option.

But who knows how it'll pan out

In my opinion the first step to making RTwP possible is to create assignable AI to each of the characters so that you don't have to control each of their actions every round. Although if I am being completely honest, this is all I really want. I don't really care if it is Turn-Based as long as I can A) Play Single Player, B) Have A Full Party, AND C) Not Have To Micromanage Every Character Each Round.