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I see threads like this and I think to myself...

Did people want Mass Effect 2 not not be called mass effect because of the overhaul that was the gameplay?

Please read my original post, I think you got it wrong.

As for ME, I definitely would not call ME2 an "overhaul" in terms of combat/gameplay. I would call ME changes dumbing down the game and an early indication of what was to come to Bioware. And you don't need to take my word for it, just look at recent Bioware titles and their current situation.

i get what ya meant! Lmao I just kept reading the others that actually thought they should change the name.

It's a travesty what happened to the Bioware Studio. All these games and worlds that could've been classical for DECADES. Down the drain.

I personally think ME2 was a bit of an overhaul (though it was dumbed down) and it worked great. For Mass Effect. The others....not so much.