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I haven't seen the enemy do this yet, have you? Or do you mean reactive environments, in general? Because if it's the latter, well, that's good that the enemy is smart enough to react to its surroundings and use that against you.

Yes, on the very first imp fight in the tutorial one of the imps hit one of the purple barrels which succeeded in doing 2/3 of his own hp, 2/3 of both of his imp buddies who had just ran closer to attack my custom character, and a 1/3 of the githyanki companions hp.

Situations like this is why I would like to see it toned down. The AI was not smart to trade 2/3 of his teams hp for 1/3 the hp of one of his enemies.

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I guess I don't really see the issue. You used your advanced knowledge of an encounter to scoop up every barrel in the act to make one big explosion to end said encounter. If someone wants to play their game that way, what's the problem? You aren't forced to use these strategies, but you can to great effect. Providing freedom like this is a great thing, it can lead to pretty awesome memorable moments or memorable fights where you use something out of the ordinary to accomplish a goal. Suggesting they have to balance the game around this is simply untrue, it's a single player game and Larian tends to encourage creative thinking like this. Toning it down seems a little stupid, because again, there is no real issue here. Ultimately DnD rewards creativity, so do Larian games, and this is a great demonstration of just that.

Toning it down is due to the frequency being to high. It doesn't feel like advanced knowledge and tactics if majority of the encounters are run in shoot barrels, fire everywhere, jump over it and let enemies run through it.

What it does feel like is immersion breaking and unbalanced, and more like DoS2 then BG or DnD.

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