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To be honest its not super interesting at this point when all the character creation options are so linear and limited, and all the characters in this thread, to no fault of the players, look nothing even close to how they should look for a $60 game being made in 2020.

I feel like this thread may lead to Larian thinking that their current character creation and models are fine when they are very evidently and comparatively to other similar priced games not, and a lot of improvement still needs to be made.

Are you literally smoking the crack rock? Go look at character models from ANY other isometric RPG ever made, and compare them to these. This is not a 10-hour AAA shooter or action title with barely any story, dialogue, or mechanics. You can't compare graphics across genres. Comparing to the other games in THIS subgenre, BG3's characters look fuckballs amazing.

Heartily agreed! DumbleDorf? These models look fuckballs beautiful by themselves, as I think the thread clearly shows, but ---especially--- so for this kind of game. Your dude looks awesome DumbleDorf! But why is he not a dwarf wizard?!