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I do agree and think they could use a bit of an over hull. Making the damage output a bit less extreme would be nice. But even in the EA I am not having that much trouble with it. I used it a few times but the damage to the enemies was not that extreme. There was only one point that really irritated me and that was a particular chest with a load of barrels that killed my entire party. The damage of the barrels is way too much for just casual encounters and for the most part would benefit from not having those barrels in the first place.

My point was that the example in the video is somebody that went out of his way to set the encounter up like that. Somebody is probably going to use an exploit at some point in the game. I also believe that the barrels in DOS where heavier, you could move them but it was an effort (honestly I do not know that one for sure).

I think initiative rolls can play a big part on how much damage they do. Sometimes when reloading encounters I have witnessed fights play out entirely differently. If the barrel breaks before everyones first turn and then they receive damage at start of turn, and again when they move at all, that is essentially 10-20 damage to every enemy on the battlefield.

It can completely trivialize the encounter, and sometimes its the enemies that do it to themselves. I am not even sure they target the barrels on purpose or if they're AoE effects or path block effects (I have seen ranged enemies shoot into the terrain more then once.)

DoS2 barrels were heavier I think as well, but maybe not heavy enough considering the real life comparison.

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