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The administrator has come in twice to tell us to stop talking about that but DumbleDorf was the one that insisted and also Goldberry who both have made separate forum threads discussing the topic.

I received no warning of anything, and my thread was first. And I do not know DumbleDorf from anywhere, so I am clear of whatever you are trying to implicate.

This whole thread is a trainwreck.

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Non-human races should look non-human, because they are non-human.

Extra human presets are are good idea I think, because we often do want to look like ourselves (just better, because I don't play games to look like a middle aged gamer with disabilities, you know? This is my fantasy - my escape from reality).

Extra half- or part- human presets too, then we can look like ourselves but just a bit "other".

But, for those of us who just want to roleplay the other, then let the other be an option. it's fantasy. We're here because we like fantasy. Let us be fantastic!

Now-a-days, in a modern games, there's no reason not to have both. I love the effort Larian have put into the motion capture, and facial expressions, but the fantasy aspect is important too, and perhaps a little neglected.

Thank you, someone is finally on topic.

The only reason I mentioned you, is from my observation that you, the OP and DumbleDorf have been very passionate about not having ethnic minorities like Asian or black represented in fantasy characters. If I have mistaken you for someone else, then I apologize. I agree this thread is a trainwreck. I want to set the record straight that I am not against elves looking like elves just that I don't see a problem with them having somewhat of a real world ethnic minority represented, like a subtle similarity. Since DnD is all about storytelling and how you, the player, sees the world and characters.

I am willing to believe that you were not talking about me so we can get back on the topic. So I'm sorry for what I said about you. I thought you were implying that I was a racist because I said that elves with human features break my immersion.

I do want minorities represented in the game. What I said is that i prefer that elves and other non-human races to have their own characteristics, which have already been presented in D&D books. Honestly, I don't mind if Larian keeps the current faces, but at least modify them to look less human and more like those of the elves, and by that I mean sharp and angular features, a diamond-shaped face, narrow in the line of eyes and chin, but with high cheekbones.

I really think that the options for human faces should present all ethnic groups, and although I have no problem if the other races also have these options, they should not overlap the original characteristics of each race.