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Would love to see more races outside the PHB. To list a few Goblin (you already have the models for these wink ) Kobold, Tortle, Warforged. There are others that would be appreciated but those would be my top picks.

Also I'm hoping to be able to play through with a party of custom characters (sooner in EA than later if possible) in a large part because I... I have an unhealthy obsession with character building, but another big reason is Id rather not completely spoil all the story around the companions if it can be helped.

I'm not sure if crafting is out fully or not but what I've interacted with so far makes no sense, either a tutorial or simply more detail on the crafting page would go a long way I think. Maybe just make it a book that sits on/by all the anvils in act 1 lol

Is there an indication when jumping down to a lower level that your character will take damage somewhere that I'm missing by chance? If not it would be quite helpful. I keep getting beat up just exploring.

All that said folks I think we're off to a stellar start, I'm loving the mechanics, the combat, the rolls (despite my luck) all of it. Keep it up guys.

I didn't know crafting was in the game at all, I thought it wasn't going to be added for a while. How do you craft?