A suggestion:

Please have a setting in the game where I can adjust font size. I have pretty poor vision, and would love to see the option to increase the font size. Thank you!

My thoughts/votes (one voice of many) on your 'frequent discussion items;:

Character Creation: Is awesome as it is - brief, beautifully annotated, and simple (an homage to 5th edition)
Turn-based: all the way! Part of the glory of this game is that it is turn-based, matching D&D and older RPGs. Real-time with pause is faster, but that often devalues the strategic use of character's unique abilities in favour of sheer 'power'.
Party Dialogue: allow the party to act as a group, using companion skills even when they are not the initiators of dialogue. Alternatively, when 'dialogue' is initiated by any party member, have a drop-down to select who speaks.
Surfaces: are plentiful, as in Divinity games. I like them, but dislike how accidentally wandering through a fire surface can simply kill me. Perhaps a warning before force-entering a character onto a damaging surface? Cantrips: should not create surfaces.
Space Bar: should not make selections of specific options.
Scrolls: lots of scrolls is great! I love it - more scrolls means I don't hoard them unused until the end of the game.
Containers: currently, there are too many 'empty' containers. Either fill them with something, or remove some. I vote fill them.
Inventory Management: needs to be improved. The most tedious part of Divinity games was sorting through all the stuff over and over.

Thanks so much for all of your work,