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But more to the point, i don't quite understand why 'the person who you dream of' is considered such a unique trait of our Custom char. If you talk to Shadowheart you learn that she.. basically has the same dream as you..so?
Unless of course 'dream person' is a legit NPC we get to interact with outside of dreamworld... and only exists if we play as Custom char.

But isn't even this something that happens only if you choose to use your tadpole? As such, does anyone know how this works (if at all) if you choose never to use your tadpole?

You get no 'dream person' cutscenes if you don't use tadpole powers.

That's what I thought. Thanks for confirming.

So then for a person like me who, from a role-playing stand-point will never ever even consider using the tadpole (because I play very strictly only good-aligned), the whole point of a custom PC being lame stands.

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