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But you don't have to do it, if somebody really wants to place 40 barrels and blow up the goblin army why not. If you do not want that in your game, then don't do it. Why would it matter?

It breaks the balance of 5e regardless if someone mass loads them pre-emptively.

I am not saying the game would be better without them, but giving feedback suggesting they tone them down. Unlike DoS2 we don't have phys/mag armor to soak up the extremely high amount of damage coming out of both the explosion and the surfaces they leave in their wake, and this goes for enemies as well.

And if your suggesting that people just ignore them entirely that's all good and well but the enemies don't ignore them, so you either use them against the enemy or the enemy uses them against you.

This. You have the same kind of issue in Adventure League modules if players decide to meta the encounters. In DND you are essentially engaging in a story as one of the characters, if you know the story already you can preemptively do things to manipulate the outcome. This can be things as simple as avoiding triggering a trap that you know to be there to gearing up entirely to dunk on a module you know the content of (like bring Dragonslayer sword into a kobold adventure because they're draconian and you know theres a lot of em and its the best weapon to bring)

It is painfully obvious that the person who made the video, knew the boundaries of the invading goblin force enough to scale it up the cliff to where the drow was standing. The biggest difference here is in a DND module, you dont get to save scum, so you can't really immediately reload the game and then premptively setup for what you now know is coming because you just played through it 10 minutes ago.

As far as the power of cheesing your premptive setups with an obliterating series of barrels... I'd really like to know how long it took to set that up.

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