A few suggestions I have. Hopefully you don't mind me putting them here rather than in a separate post.

Hotbar: I don't know if this has been mentioned yet (23 pages! I checked some, but not all), but the hotbar gets a little crowded. I would suggest a Spellbook for casters - it opens a submenu with available (i.e. prepared) spells like in the original BG 1 and 2. Maybe even add a Consumables button, or separate Potions and Scrolls buttons for selecting those.

More on the Hotbar: the quick buttons (1 to =) should be fully customizable. Especially if you take my above suggestion, but even if not. This way you can put your most used actions there, in addition to spells and consumables. A fighter can set normal attack as 1 and cleave as 2, for example.

Sneak Attack: in stock D&D, a rogue's sneak attack is automatic with the first hit on a turn, assuming they meet the criteria (advantage, ally threatening the target, finesse or ranged weapon, etc). Making it a separate button/hotkey that you have to use is just additional complication for a nifty icon's sake.

Real Time vs Turn-Based: I don't know how complicated this would be to implement, but maybe you could end the debate by having both as options. Make turn-based default, but add the option to change it to real time with pause (maybe call it "Classic Combat", mentioning that it's what was used in the original Baldur's Gate games).

Scrolls: I've seen people mention how many scrolls there are dotted about in the world, which really just depends on your DM. I don't tend to give out scrolls unless there's a wizard in the party, or the adventure I'm using specifically states that a scroll is in the loot. Conversely, I tend to give out too many magic items then joke about how I have to beef up encounters because my players waltz through deadly ones without a sweat. So, I don't think they're too common as long as they go along with the item rarity (level 0-1 are common and all over, 2-3 are slightly rarer, and so on).

More on Scrolls: Additionally, scrolls should be restricted to use by spellcasters who have that spell on their class spell list. They should also have to make a roll to cast it if it's too high a level for them. The only exception to both of these rules would be a level 13 or higher thief, due to their Use Magic Device feature.

This is all I have at the moment, but I'll post more if it comes to me. Let me know if I need to start a separate discussion for any of these.

Edit: I have set up a separate post for discussion on these and other feedback/suggestions I have here.

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