Rules... lol. PHB and DMG are guidelines. It's a good way to start D&D for sure. But once you're comfortable enough to go outside that, homebrew is most fun, rule tweaking to encourage thought provocation for escapes from situations is what I love about the imaginative world of D&D. If they didn't come with drawbacks or bonuses then there'd be no reason to choose Acid Splash over Firebolt because Firebolt has better damage aside from proficiency bonuses or enemy resistances. I am here to see an already good looking game (aside from most of the popular issues that I agree with), continue to stay amazing, and I have no doubt Larian Studios will absolutely make the game incredible as they have with DOS2 and the modding community will add in all the other books (Guide to Ravnica, Ahmonket, Eberron, Xanathar's, etc) if the need be.

People are also complaining about CR rating vs levels (Hardcore eyeroll) those guys make me cringe hard.

I will continue to enjoy a game as I see fit. I have no worries about a game until the community derails it in the early stages when given the opportunity.