Honestly, I have to say that after 30 hrs of play I'm going to have to give this game the following marks: scale of 1 to 10

1. cinematics - 8.5 would get a higher mark if I didn't have to watch the entire clip time after time. after you seen it once, I'd really like a skip button.

2. Story line - I'll break this up into 2 categories. first, overall story 7. and next, players interaction with the story, 5. left me wanting options that weren't available.

3.Playability - 5. Monsters are over powered, and they cheat. they shoot thru walls, they know I'm there when they can't see me, they can do things I can't (like attack of opportunity-they get when I don't and should. And I'm ALWAYS outnumbered.

4. Authenticity - 3.5 It appears you put D&D tag on it and then decided you didn't like D&D's rules so you ignored them.

5. Overall - this one needs 2 ratings. as far as the games basic flow and content I would rate it a 7.5, and that's be generous. But, considering that the game program cheats like a goblin, has a RNG that is the worst I've ever seen, and often leaves me infuriated by things that just shouldn't happen or shouldn't be allowed, I would have to lower that rating to a 4.5. Below par for sure.

I am seriously disgusted with how this game cheats. I lined up my chars and they constantly run right past 3 to get to gale, 8 out of 10 times they get a crit on him, and none of the 3 get an attack of opportunity. In table top D&D, if a DM cheated like this game he would never have anyone to play, cuz NOBODY likes a cheater!!!!!

I realize you are very proud of your graphics designs, as well you should be, But as players, we don't really care about how good it looks. We care about how it plays. So please, stop watching us play for a minute and play it yourself. Because I can't imagine you really want more unsatisfied players than satisfied players. And think of it this way, when an ogre squashes a rabbit, he's just a bully, but when when the rabbit get the ogre to chase him off a cliff, he's a hero. Would you rather be a bully or a hero?

P.S. If you can't afford a set of D&D books to read, please give me an address and I will send you a set.