- Rogue sneak attack damage. There's another thread about the calculation, but essentially it's 1d6 * number of dice, not Xd6. So you have sneak attack of 3d6, it rolls 1d6 and multiples the result by 3, rather than rolling 3d6. If this isn't changed, I assume this will also affect paladin smites once the paladin is added.
- Rogue sneak attack is also a separate action. In the pen and paper, you don't have to say "I sneak attack". It just gets automatically applied on your first hit of the round as long as you meet the requirements (finesse or ranged weapon; advantage or ally within 5 feet of the target).
- Also, can't dual wield with all one-handed light weapons. You should be able to dual wield a rapier and shortsword/dagger. Technically, you should be able to dual wield rapiers.

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