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Look at it this way. It's basic capitalism. The shop has what you want. Supply, and demand. You might know it's worth 50 gold, but he's going to turn a profit. If I buy 3 longswords for 50 gold to sell them to others, I'm probably going to charge 150 gold each so I can get my money back, buy another sword to sell, and pocket 50 gold in profit.

Sure, but we're not playing Merchant Simulator 2020. I don't want to be told how much the base price is, I want to know exactly how much I can actually sell or buy the item for. You know, like every other game in existence does? I don't go into a shop in Skyrim or The Witcher and go to buy something that says it costs 50 gold, only for the shopkeep to jack the price up to 300 gold at the last second. Doing this just makes me want to kill the trader, which looks more and more enticing considering that killing people is the only way to get XP anyway.