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Only if it is optional. Controlling all of my party members myself is the most important part of what makes an RPG fun for me. I don't find it difficult or cumbersome at all to control even a party of six entirely myself in RTwP. It is what makes the game fun and awesome.

For sure optional. I find it easy to control a party of 6 with RTwP. I can tell all of them what to do in no time. But i'm able to do it all at once. With turn-based, even doing only 4 is a drag, because i have to do them one at a time and watch each of them carry out their orders before i can move to the next. Maybe allow me to start giving orders to the 2nd party member while the first one is carrying out his attack? I don't know...in the single player fights i just get bogged down and my attention starts to drift, especially in big fights.