Small QOL suggestions, some/all previously said but oh well.

-books! When I stop reading and close a book, please send me back to inventory instead of the main screen
-have some kind of mark on unread/read books, so I would easier know what I've missed.
-looting! There could be a consolidated looting window or whatever after a bigger combat, or a loot all button or something. In Wasteland 3 after a combat and you clicked one body, it would show what you could loot there, and after looting that it would automatically show the next body of loot and so on->lots of "loot all"-clicks, none of the walking around and pixel hunting the specific corpse you haven't looted yet.
-target allies through the portraits
-travel via map (click on a spot on a map, and the party starts walking)
-smarter pathfinding. If a party member spots a trap or a hazard, please don't walk into it straight away. End of combat dive into fire seems a bit stupid.
-space bar shouldn't make choices in dialogue, just skip to the next part.
-Alt should highlight more stuff