A few things I've noticed:

- Opportunity attacks - My characters don't always get them, enemies however do get them quite a bit, and even if I'm not moving out of "engagement distance" they will get opportunity attacks. additionally I've noticed sometimes when my characters are on the receiving end of an opportunity attack while moving to attack, this will often remove my action and ability to do the attack move I had originally ordered my character to do before.

- Characters blocking movement inconsistencies - My characters often times cannot move through each other, or if one is standing at the top of or the foot of a ladder/cargo net/vines, my other characters are unable to climb/descend. I often have to navigate this in combat by using jump bonus actions instead, but my friendly characters should be able to move through each others spaces without issue. The reason I bring this up is that fact enemies are able to move through my characters no problem at all and without consequence (IE opportunity attacks) if they are moving beyond "engagement distance"

- Line of sight blockages (or lack thereof) , I've had enemies beam my guys through obvious cover where they would absolutely have no line of sight and that my characters otherwise wouldn't be able to shoot through or cast magic through. On the inverse I have also been able to cheese this myself a few times.

- Potions of Speed - once the effect wears off on my character, he is unable to conduct any actions etc for his turn. I can move, but the second I end his turn (because he can't do anything) the character moves back to his original spot. This seems to go away once the combat the potion was used during has been resolved/won.

- Oskar the artist - I didn't initiate dialogue with him until after I had killed Brem and all the other Zhents, needless to say I wasn't able to convince Brems corpse to let Oskar go.

- Pathfinding - sometimes my characters will have to "jump to reach" a position that they wouldn't need to. IE - the character is one flat ground, I click 5 meters in front of him to move him, but the game thinks that location is otherwise inaccessible. Additionally, I have had my characters yeet themselves off elevated locations (even if there is a ladder right next to them, that said could be a byproduct of my blockage notes above) instead of taking a safe route to lower elevation.

- Journal - I cannot scroll down or view any of my journal entries/quests below what is initially displayed.

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