Hi there, I tried to wrap up 3 suggestions coming from a old Infinity engine veteran playing the game on stadia.

1 - Combat is time consuming, way too much. I think mostly due to turn-based system which I'll try to get used to as I expected real-time pause way of the series. We should be able to skip some of the parts or try to speed up the process someway. I understand the level of detail put there but spending 40 min or something for a battle is just way too much time for anyone who's playing alone and is just as much interested in exploring the world and storytelling in the game.

2 - For the overall map, consider adding a fixed /isometric render/paperdrawn map as well, or something more artisticly drawn to better express how the Characters would actually see and orient themselves in the world rather than having a constant top down view as they had GPS or something, that I guess it would be kept anyway. Hope it's not too difficult. It would be a nice touch in order to add a more narrative feel rather than the cold satellite top-down MMO style only. Thank you!

3 - Game looks great on map scale but facial/character animation on close up feel cartoonish in comparison even when they're done properly. And by that I mean I can see how the actors are trying to overact on a stage gesturing all the time in order to make the characters to look more "theatrical". Yuck. Nice try, but no thanks. There will be an option to turn off camera angles during dialogues and cutscenes? That acting style would work better as seen by long distance. Sorry, I know a huge amount of work is spent for facial animation and acting, but some people just don't like the feel of it, no matter how good or detailed it may look. Those who feel that to be too cartoonish shouldnt forced to see them and would enjoy the game better in a more distant isometric view. Please consider it, it shouldnt be difficult to option.

Thank you, game looks promising nonetheless.