Some good suggestions already in the main post.

My general feedback:
1. I feel pressured doing combat, instead of finding other solution, due to XP rewards.
2. Some elemental cantrips feel overpowered. Fire Bolts applies an extra fire effect which increases the damage to weapon attack levels on low levels.
3. Mage Hand feels overpowered. Due to the combat system (large focus on height and shoving) and too strong an interpretation of the Mage Hand cantrip, this cantrip feel much stronger than it should be.
4. Combat feels unbalance due to Jumping and Disengaging being one bonus action. This also throws some classes out of balance (most notably Rogue). It's to easy to get out of melee range, further increasing the strength of casters.
5. Pathing of party members is frustrating, walking through flames while there is a clear path around. Sometimes they jump, sometimes they don't.
6. Class balance seems somewhat of due to changes in core rules. E.g. Warlock is balanced around 2-3 short rests per long rest. Rogue is balanced around Cunning Action. They don't feel compensated for these loses.
7. Duration of some spells is unclear from description
8. Class advancements are unclear. Because of the changes in the core ruleset (and not all subclasses being available) it is impossible to plan your character without 'wiki' help. (For instance, making a Strength Warlock makes less sense without Pact of the Blade)
9. It feels like certain combat solution are build into the game to be stronger than others and I have to find these, instead of working with the tools I get provided. (Shove, Elemental Damage)
10. In conversation I cannot let another character do an action (e.g. Break Lock [Strenght]

I like the addition of Weapon Skills. I would like to use them once per Combat and choose my starting weapon(s) to give more freedom in Character Creation.
I would like an option to only get XP rewards for completing quests and not for Combat.
I like to fight as long as I can before going to rest, but is easier for me to rest as often as possible. I would like to be challenged by the game not to rest too often (for instance by getting a reward, like Inspiration are something).
The Mage Hand Shove ability feels like something that an Arcana Trickster should be able to do.