There are many issues with the system as it stands and it seems obvious that it at heart has a MP feel to it as individually the characters are fine right, by and large.

I am going with a hybrid of it's likely to stay vs what I would like to have, vs a complete redesign, as I am not sure that's likely, but here goes:

- Assign a Leader slot.
Let's say far left (even is split parties), slightly raised or highlighted or whatever as a visual reminder. Party members follow/rearrange themselves to that PC and not to the one I double clicked (as that pulls characters out from where I just placed them AAAARGH!).

- Characters copy Leader Action
If all characters are in Party mode, any Action I select should be copied by the others, Stealth, Jump etc... (Ia ppreciate Jump requires "space", but the AI should allow the leader to move forwards and rubber band / snap to the leader once space is there to Jump and form up.

- Formations
Loose, tight, single-file, etc... Currently everything is too loose. THe main character moves forwards, the others wait and then join seemingly at their leisure. If I stumble into Combat, my main character is several metres ahead of my party, okish if all ranged, bad if melee. Would also allow easier navigation of areas.

- Un-Link/Re-Link All
There are times the game wants you to use TB individual commands, but then it should make doing that convenient and easy. Step 1 is to allow us to unlink or relink Everyone at will, rather than just by dragging individuals.

- Single Click select and Camera focus
I would like to click on a portrait and have the camera pan to that character If I assign said character a task, say, stealth and investigate a chest, it should uncouple them from the team (again this assumes they don't switch to no teams and having to always select all to move a party)

- Cast to Portrait
In the thick of battle I want to select my spell target based on Portrait, either top left in inititative queue or (if my party) then bottom left

- Talk to party member should be right click
Speaks for itself, too easy to accidentally start a conversation, one could get used to it as is, but I think wanting to start a chat with someone doesn't need to be that easy

Those are the first "concepts" that spring to mind based upon building what is there. That is not to say I would do it that if given free licence to re-do the system, but given the MP aspect and potential controller friendliness, I have tried to keep it based on what we already have,

I will add as I go along, or jump onto some of the other concepts people have

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