Save games will sometimes be named after the previous map zone you were in, rather than the current one- especially immediately after using the glyphs to fast travel around.

Further spoilers ahead

Killing all the goblins does save the druid grove. However, before camping for the celebration night, I noticed that Nadira is dead, despite having saved her from the bugbear assassin previously. This might be intended (more assassins I guess?) but feels like a bug.

Conversing with the Githyanki Kith'rak, If I convince Lae'zel to go along with it, and she then further manages the deception check despite her poor charisma, her dialogue proceeds as if you have killed the githyanki patrol ('search the bodies...'), which makes the quest impossible to proceed with as you have no bodies to search.

Waukeen's rest is very unstable, quest wise. Through very careful use of turn based mode, a single character exploring, and saving/reloading, I was able to save two people, but it was all out of order (I had to take control of the man you save and have him jump out the left window on the first floor, which fortunately counted as saving him, no other process worked as he would fail to follow you out of his starting room or not be considered saved). Similarly, I could jump into the room with the other trapped soul, bust down the door (from the inside!), go downstairs to the first floor to open up the front door from the inside, and then return to her on the second floor, and she would then count as saved... all without ever following you or giving any ability to take her over as a follower like the man.

Stealing the caravan chest from the two surviving Zhentarim had the expected result, but despite saying she gives you gold as promised, no gold is given. This conversation can also be repeated for as long as you have the chest or the flask. Giving her the still sealed chest also talks about a reward in gold (after the previous reward), but again no reward is given.