Some of my thoughts:

Short Rests
The fact that you only get one short rest per day is a little odd to me. I think it would be great to have a little window above each character portrait when selecting a short rest to choose how many hit die to spend on healing; that way when it gets to higher levels, if you just need to top up your party's HP you can do so, and still save some hit dice for another short rest if you need one after an additional fight.
The intention may be to have a long rest after tough combats but when it seems so quick to run from one encounter to another, I rather feel the in-game days are very short. After finishing a long rest, if you run into another encounter you may be tempted to have another long rest after to have the party on top form, while they only covered a very short distance over the supposed course of a day.

Dialogue Options
While more difficult to implement, I would love to see more options in dialogue. There are so many occasions where an option I want to take, that seems obvious to me, isn't available. An example of this is (spoiler)
when at the druid grove, asked by Zevlor to speak to Kagha, you go down to where they are performing the ritual. A druid stops you from going further. Your options are A) be snarky and say 'I do what I want!' B) ask what's so special down there C) ignore and keep going or D) attack. My first instinct is not to be sarcastic or aggressive, it's to just say 'I want to speak to Kagha' or 'I've been asked to speak with your leader'. There's also not an option to back away at this point, like 'Sorry, I didn't know this was restricted.'
These seem like fairly obvious options that people would want to take, and they aren't available, forcing some players to behave in a way they don't want to. Also, while I haven't reached the point yet, I've seen elsewhere someone complain that
Astarion comes on to your character at some point, and the only options you had were to accept his advances or rudely reject him - no option to politely decline.

Quest Notes
Something a lot of D&D players will do during a session is take a lot of notes. Is there a place for this in game currently? If there is I've missed it (apologies if it's an obvious thing!) but it would be great, in addition to the summary of quests the game gives you in your journal when you accept or advance them, to make any additional notes you wanted.

Also, so far I completely agree with all the compiled requests/themes in the original post of this thread - thanks for setting it up!