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Your friendly reminder that the yoked AF, 7 foot tall druid Halsin is a "wood elf". Dude looks like a cream-colored orc.

Lol. Right? I must say that after finding half the grove were elves worshipping Silvanus (a human deity) and one wood elf showing admiration towards my drow character it was a relief to see that Halsin at least leaned towards neutral good, and that's all I looked at, I wanted to take the win.

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I think if you're going to include real world ethnicitites with elves, logically they should be tied to specific subraces.

I suppose that's one way to do it!

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Thank you for bringing up this important topic, and thank you to Larian’s crew for the many enjoyable hours spent in BG3 so far.

No, thank you. I find your post very touching. The reason I enjoy fantasy so much, is because it is an escape from reality. The least I want to encounter in a fantasy setting is anything that resembles our world, when it is supposed to be alien and magical.

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Additionally I doubt we will receive any change in the way they look, we might get some new faces but that is it.

Well that's cool! If we can get a couple of 'classic' elven looking heads, I'll take that as a win too. We can all be happy smile

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