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There are many issues with the system as it stands and it seems obvious that it at heart has a MP feel to it as individually the characters are fine right, by and large.

I am going with a hybrid of it's likely to stay vs what I would like to have, vs a complete redesign, as I am not sure that's likely, but here goes:


When you really think about it, it's somewhat hilarious that we need to discuss all sorts of convoluted workaround to salvage a system that has virtually no redeeming qualities compared to a 20 years older alternative.

What's worse, if being controller friendly was the real crux of the issue, nothing is preventing Larian to keep the control scheme unchanged when playing with controllers (and even then, while admittedly I didn't give it much of my time to test it extensively, wouldn't be surprised if better alternatives already exist).

Originally designed as pure PC Game with an RTS controls feel and yes it worked great as a PC game designed for opertion in Real Time.

I certainly don't disagree with you, I guess I am approaching it from the "someone must have had a reason" aspect and looking to offer improvement suggestions. Even if that reason was "it kinda worked fine in DoS and to save time we have just adopted that to make sure we hit release based on current budget." Who knows what might change given a strong EA uptake, etc...

We are also just going on the assumption that what is in EA is by and large finished mechanics in need of refinement, whereas they could easily be expecting to do an overhaul but didn't want to delay EA as a result. Hence my stance I guess.

I also still struggle as a solo player with the concept of stealthing / moving characters into a location and others triggering a combat, but the one I initially stealthed is considered outside of combat and not in the turn queue. It's odd. Probably works better in MP, but as a solo play it isn't intuitive, not at first at any rate, maybe I need to play more.
I think I would extend the radius of putting characters into TB mode once Combat has started, but find a way to show they are not yet involved, other than leaving them out of the inititiative sequence.

As of right now if I think I have someone in a sneaky position and initiate combat, I don't immediately see that my sneaky rogue isn't yet in combat and I miss "their turn" if I am not careful.