Hello, I joined the forums to voice a few things both positive and construtive, I hope I communicate this well :

1/ As I've been discussing with friends who also played, and it looks like it needs more tooltips and tutorials for basic game lexicon.
This became clear when no one was understanding "saving throws" and how they were different from "ability checks" while relying on basically the same stats.
I had no trouble explaining, however, it's a standalone game, and should communicate it's mechanics without relying on prior knowledge of the DnD books, that's just not cool for newcomers who come from Larian games, not DnD.
In short : Lexicon ? Index of terms ? I don't like it, but I am damn happy when there is one right where I need it

2/ Future me problem I guess :
Please keep turn based mode in, it's an accessibility issue as far as I'm concerned. RTwP just busts my wrists, I only have been able to play another game (Pathfinder crpg) since they put turn based combat in it.
I used to think RTwP was accessible, turns out pain coming up while in short game sessions (less than 2H) is an indicator that it may not be as accessible as I also thought at the time.
It takes more time to play a fight, sure, but at least, it's possible to play it.
I'm all for RTwP to be in for anybody who wants/needs it too, just please don't let it be the reason some of us can't play the game.

3/ Just a nitpick, but I really feel bad when I have a critical miss on a 100% attack, as a DnD player, I get it that my best shot (attack with advantage) will always be 99.75%
(for those who like probabilities : P(A∩B) with both A and B defined as "rolling a 1 on the dice" = 0.0025)
I understand that I can always fail, and I'd like that to be reflected, it's just frustrating to fail when the UI tells you it's not possible ^^

Thanks for the work and implementing easy feedback places like here !

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