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to just have hundreds of barrels of (probably very expensive) explosive materials just abandoned all over the world feels lazy and unbalancing and it detracts from what makes our characters special.

I think you are failing to realize that this is a world in which oil lamps and Torches are used. Large barrels of oil are used to serve the needs of many villagers. Do we need a backstory for every barrel on the playfield? an acid barrel makes less since than an oil barrel.... hell, even a water barrel makes less since with all the water sources in the game.

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If my char sucks, instead of learning how to play the class properly or build characters i'll just throw a million bottles/barrels from a cliff like Donkey Kong and call it a day. If i get hit or want support instead of bringing a healer i'll just eat all that food ( since it's even better than potions ) or rest a million times after every battle, etc...

or maybe your char sucks because they didnt port the game directly from D&D but you are bound and determined to play a class because you think its cool, not because it's features translate well into a video game. Case in point, GOO warlock versus fiend, currently theres absolutely zero reason to choose GOO over Fiend, you get absolutely nothing from GOO whereas you get something in return for picking Fiend (blessing of the dark one). The mage hand that arcane trickster, cant pickpocket or pick locks.... maybe Thief is better because of this. Classes arent meant to be played a specific way, the game is designed for open ended solutions, which is why every character can perform the same abilty checks.... and if you want to build a character around throwing items, you will still want certain stats and class options (theif gets another bonus action, can throw two objects a round

the food is in the game so that you dont require a cleric in every party that you ever play in. I know that by giving an alternative to the cleric, yes, they do make her less mandatory. Thats only a problem if you want to be required to bring a healer in a 4 man composition

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