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I really don't see the problem with the barrels. If somebody has time to collect barrels and win hard encounters with them - let them have their fun.

You don't have to play it that way and as far as I can tell all encounters are beatable without them.

Like, how many encounters actually feature these barrels? From what I can tell its the Goblin Feast section, and two Zhentarim encounters that are full of them.

Compare that to a long list of other encounters that don't have explosive barrels.

Here's another viewpoint. They put those barrels around in different encounters and if you save them up, thats your choice. I dont carry those things around, I loot and sell armor and stuff. You really have to plan out that kind of cheese and dedicate time to it and if you do, then why not have a sweet payoff? Who is to say that fight isnt going to be trivial anyways? I killed all those goblins in packs of 3 while in their base rather than a big battle. My method was not as easy as the barrels but still far easier than the yuge battle becuz I took em apart piece by piece rather than all at once (I tried all at once in the goblin temple and it was silly, the computer takes forever to move that many goblins in battle). So ultimately the barrels are not necessarily even easier than my method, because I played through naturally and streamlined and didnt spend all the time setting up that epic explosion.

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