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I mean, if we are trying to justify handing out nerfs just for the sake of nerfing the barrels, the weight is my first gripe.... its a barrel full of oil, do you know how hard that is to carry? You want to be able to move them but I do think theres some strangeness in the Wizard carrying a couple barrels of oil (cuz they only weigh 20 im pretty sure)

an empty barrel of that scale should weight 110 pounds so yes, I think the weight is also a bit off, barrels of that scale should hold 60 gallons and average weight of oil is 6.5 pounds per gallons so a full barrel should be around 500 pounds, not 20.

If they want to keep them as 20 pound, scale them down to 2.5 gallon / 10 litter kegs that people use for home brewing, that would be around 20 pounds.

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