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I don't get it... Do you expect Larian to keep entertaining you for a whole year until the game comes out?

Well, yes, I didnt buy the game to wash my dishes. I enjoy finding bugs/exploits in games but there is only so much you can do with only a portion of a product.
Surely the idea of a game, even in early access, is to entertain ones self via said medium?
That said, even if we dont get consistent updates, I'll still be back to play. I mean even as the game stands I've be enjoying it immensely. 70 hours of game play and I am still finding little things I didn't in my first two play throughs.
As I stated above, I doubt I'll see the full game(or even half) before release and I am ok with that. I dont know how much they released with DOS2 in EA, but I would expect some thing similar. If not, I'll just have to entertain my self til full release lol.