Link to my Criticism with in depth:

One Liners detailing my concerns:

1. The current Narrator is not a story teller.
2. Real Time with Pause Option.
3. Bring back Fog of War. Not just on the Map.
4. Select All Adventurers to make the same command to everyone.
5. Starting Area needs to be changed.
6. Better Music for certain things. Such as Intro and Battles.
7. Conversation History.
8. Reading Books and Page Length.
9. Max Party Increase to 6.
10. Sleeping / Camping where you are instead of travelling back to the same camp site.
11. Character Data and Inventory Page layout changes. It's Ugly.
12. The Dice. RNG. It's bad. Remove most of it. Make it stat driven (CHA, INT, STR, Etc based on the choice.)
13. Loot and Being a Thief. Don't stop my actions with dialog.

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