The game is doing a great job of capturing the feel of a d&d world. I just have some suggestions to amplify that mainly in regards to characters / companion relationships / dialog / ui design


1. Make the characters who can join your party have lots of interest and depth with their own unique personalities and intricacies (at the moment they feel a bit one dimensional and too similar in their thoughts and attitudes and personalities)
2. In a d&d game, yes you will have characters who disagree with you, but by and large you want to have a party where you feel that comraderie and that you're all together and on the same side. Right now it feels as if every character hates you and you don't get that sense of fellowship and comraderie.
3. I'm not sure if this is because of the animation voice capturing, but I would like to see far more dialog from the characters instead of the simple one liners we see now. That will add to the above points.
4. Also linked up to that, can you please add a lot of atmosphere to the dialog boxes and ui design in general. Baldurs gate always had this classic old type of feel to their interface / dialog boxes etc. Would be great to feed in that rich atmosphere at the UI level instead of the bland white font text we see now.

I personally feel this is getting lots of things right but ultimately it is going to come down to a great story, interesting lovable characters, comraderie and atmosphere to make a great Baldurs Gate 3 (see something like Critical Role's campaigns and why they are so successful).