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I am also very strongly in the NONE group. Playing a pre-made character, especially in a D&D game, is borderline heresy. Making and playing my own character is a HUGE part of my fun playing a game like this.

same. I do wish they would dump this stupid idea but what can you do.

You don't have to use it, so not sure why it bothers you. I mean, Baldurs Gate 1 only had one character story available - CHARNAME who is the child of Bhaal. This one has 5 + el generico. It seems you can change some of the class/stats of the pre-mades.

that is exactly the issue, you nailed it in your own description "el generico" isn't what anyone wants, they want the story for the main character to be at least on par with the "origin" characters (who are companions if you don't play one of them, allowing you to experience their stories as an outsider anyway).

to be clear, i don't know that people want "the chosen one" but they do want their custom character to have an interesting story based on the choices made during character creation, I think Larian has maybe said that will be the case here (unlike D:OS2 where a custom character is lacking quite badly compared to origin ones).

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