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I can't support Cyberpunk and CDPR after they did crunch.
We may as well redefine 'Crunch' to mean
'Crushes the souls of game developers & bleeds every last ounce of sweat to ensure fat, rich investors get fatter & richer. The developers are then fired so the company can claim "Record Sales!"'.

As much as Cyberpunk had me stoked for it, I will now no longer buy it. CDPR are just a step above Electronic Arse and Craptivision Blizzard and Screwbisoft.

Larian, it seems, does not employ and protect actual assaulters and molesters (Looking at you, Screwbisoft!). So Larian gets my money.

Crunch is bad, no doubt, but what happened with CDPR is a little different. CDPR is located in Poland, their laws are way better in regards to crunch. No one is allowed to work more than 48 hours a week, they will be paid extra, and they will also be given a percentage of the profits.

There is also now debate between journalists about this. One says their source claims CDPR came down with this decision by the higher ups alone, the other who had multiple sources says no, it was a majority decision from the employees.

It's a weird situation, and it sucks that CDPR went back on their word, but it is not the soul crushing event that people experience in NA.

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